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Nearby shops
The detailed list of services and shops with opening hours can be found in the welcome folder at the gîte.
  • Restaurants:
    - 100 meters away, Le Montjoie is welcoming and offers great value for money.
    - Other restaurants are located within a 15 km radius.
  • General food supplies: 
    - 200 meters away, Chez Laetis is open seven days a week.
    - Larger supermarkets are located within a 10-km radius.
  • Takeaway meals:
    - Chez Raoul : café located in Olloy (5km) which makes take-away pizzas on Tuesdays.
    - Akim catering: Algerian dishes, couscous to take away or by delivery (in Nismes, 10km).
  • Shopping centre:
    - Very large shopping centre in Givet (15 km)
    - Many shops in Couvin (15 km)
  • Pharmacies:
     200 meters away and also in the villages of Olloy (6 km) and Nismes (10 km).
  • Doctors:
    Several doctors in the commune.
  • Veterinarian:
     20 meters away.
  • Bicycle hire, maintenance and repairs:
    At the café Chez Raoul, in Olloy (5km) - rented bikes can be delivered to the gîte!
  • Bike shop:
     50 meters away.
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